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5 Things to Consider for your Quincé Dance

A Quincé is an essential event in a young girl's life as a party celebrating her coming of age. Not only is it a special time celebrating her 15th birthday, but also a time for her to be surrounded by friends and family who love and appreciate her.

Putting on a great party can be a huge handful, though, and maybe overwhelming if you're not sure where to start. That's why we have a couple of tips to help you out with planning your perfect Quincé dance!

1.Scheduling and Consistency

Timing is everything, and that goes triple when it comes to planning your Quincé. One of the reasons why planning is so important is because you are not only thinking about yourself but also your court as well. Your court, of course, is the selection of guys and girls who stand beside you at your Quincé. With the selection of the court, comes trying to align everyone's schedules.

Have a conversation with your court about realistic dates and availability. And don’t wait until the last minute to do this; you want to start this process about 4-6 months before your Quince. This will ensure a lower amount of absences and also give room for the occasional acts of God, such as weather storms or even the common cold.

2.Music and Mix

Like every party, music is everything! Your music is the boat carrying the performance, so you want to ensure you include songs, which are meaningful to you and your family but also exciting and entertaining enough for your choreography. Also, you will want to for sure add some jams to get everyone movin' and groovin'.

A great way to start getting your song list together is by imagining if you were one of your guests, would you be interested in listening to these songs? Is it something that you would like to dance to? These are all things to consider when creating your Quincé dance mix.


As you are considering your music, you should keep in mind the dance styles you’d like to learn and perform with your group. Don’t limit yourself to one style or the only style you know, this is an excellent opportunity to learn new dances and branch out. A great that you can feel comfortable in learning a new dance form is by hiring a choreographer.

When you hire a choreographer, they will assess the court's ability as well as suggest dance styles that are suitable for your court. My choreography process starts with evaluating your song selection, dance styles, as well as your court. Based on that, they can construct a creative direction for your Surprise Dance, which best suits your Quincé and make it impressive and memorable.

4.The Dress

Consider the style and length of your dress for your Surprise Dance. Are you considering a long or short dress? Will it be heavy or light and easy to move in? The style of your dress can be a huge deciding factor in how you are going to move o the dance floor.

Once you decide on the dress to wear, make sure to share your dress style/design with your choreographer so they can consider it within the choreography. The last thing you want is your dress being stepped on. Not to mention, your dress can be used within the choreography, which always makes for good photos.


Your energy, while performing your surprise dance, will determine your performance and how much your guest enjoys watching your court. Being nervous is only natural, but you want to remember why you are there. And although you may not be used to dancing in front of a crowd and audience, you want to think of this as you have been selected to be apart of a memorable performance for loved ones. As long as you are having a good time and enjoying yourself, your guests will enjoy themselves and your performance.

Following these tips will be a surefire way of helping you make the most out of your Quincé!

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