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Start the magical journey with our wedding dance lessons, where the primary goals are to craft entertaining choreography, master effortless movement, and instill confidence for that unforgettable first dance. Our focus is on refining the dance partnership, emphasizing male leading with poise and female following with grace. We delve into posture and agility, developing natural dancing abilities, and perfecting coordination for a seamless and harmonious dance. Beyond the wedding day, these lessons offer lifelong benefits, providing couples with a shared skillset, a sense of accomplishment, strengthened trust, improved non-verbal communication, and an experience of the athleticism inherent in dance. Our aim is to create not just a beautiful first dance but a journey that enhances the connection between partners and leaves lasting memories of joy, accomplishment, and shared passion.



"Our instructor(Tonisha) had a difficult task teaching my husband and I our reception dance for our wedding. She was very patient with both of us and taught us a fun, crowd pumping routine to one of my favorite African songs. She was a pleasure to work with!"

- Karen

"The creative team choreographed an AMAZING father/daughter mash up for my wedding in September. My dad and I have very little dancing experience and she carefully crafted a 4 minute routine that absolutely blew our guests away! We had 11 total lessons with her and we got to know each other very well. Tonisha came with new ideas and made changes on the fly when things were working or not working well. She is very creative and talented in what she does! I loved working with her and highly recommend for anyone looking to take private lessons!"- Carly


"My groomsmen and I are currently working with the dancing designer team right now for an upcoming wedding and the process so far has been phenomenal. Both of our teachers (Tonisha and Lawson) are super passionate, highly energetic and very fun to work with.


Tonisha who is overseeing the process has been very active in making sure we meet the standards for our wedding. We are also doing the choreo/music package with includes the mixing of various songs for the choreography and I cannot be more happy with the song choices and choreo so far!


I’m looking forward to the final product and I’m happy with choosing this team for the occasion!" - Raymond


"Tonisha was a great teacher. She got us both excited and our friends were really wowed by our lounge act / disco dance / soul train dance performance. Would definitely recommend her! " - Jessica F.

''So happy we found her!'' - Odalisse F.

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''Great time and great lessons. Highly recommended''

- Mario S.

Creating Magical Moments Together



Unveil the magic of your first dance with wedding dance lessons tailored to achieve three primary goals.

  1. Entertaining Choreography:

    • Elevate your wedding dance with captivating and entertaining choreography that reflects your unique style and story.

  2. Effortless Movement:

    • Master the art of graceful and effortless movement, ensuring that every step exudes elegance and charm on your special day.

  3. 1st Dance Confidence:

    • Build the confidence to step onto the dance floor with grace, making your first dance a moment to cherish and remember.


Dive into the intricacies of dance with a focus on fostering a connection between partners and refining individual skills.

  1. Male Leading:

    • Learn the art of leading with confidence, guiding your partner through the dance with poise and assurance.

  2. Female Following:

    • Cultivate the skill of following with grace and responsiveness, creating a seamless dance partnership.

  3. Posture + Agility:

    • Hone posture and agility for a striking presence on the dance floor, ensuring every move is executed with finesse.

  4. Developing Natural Abilities:

    • Embrace and enhance your natural dancing abilities, allowing your authentic selves to shine through the dance.

  5. Coordination:

    • Perfect the coordination between partners, creating a harmonious dance that flows effortlessly.


Unlock a range of lifelong benefits that extend beyond the wedding day, enriching your journey as a couple.

  1. Learning a Lifelong Skillset:

    • Acquire a valuable skillset that you can enjoy throughout your lives, making dance a shared passion.

  2. Accomplishing Goals Together:

    • Achieve personal and shared goals together, fostering a sense of accomplishment and unity.

  3. Trust In Your Partner:

    • Develop trust in your partner as you navigate the dance floor together, strengthening the bond between you.

  4. Enhance Non-Verbal Communication:

    • Sharpen non-verbal communication skills through dance, creating a language of movement that transcends words.

  5. Experiencing The Athleticism Of Dance:

    • Immerse yourselves in the athleticism of dance, enjoying the physical and emotional benefits of this art form.


Ready to make your wedding dance dreams come true? Book your complimentary discovery call now and let's create a dance that's as unique as your love story.

Let Us Help Make Your Big Day Magical

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