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Embark on the electrifying journey into the world of salsa great for beginners, where the rhythm of Afro-Caribbean movement awaits to be explored. Our goal is to elevate your dance experience by immersing you in the vibrant and culturally rich art of salsa, guiding you to evolve within its infectious musicality, and encouraging the development of your unique salsa style. Throughout this experience, our focus is on building a solid foundation, emphasizing key elements such as expressive hip movements, refined posture, intricate footwork, and core strength. As a beginner, you'll find yourself mastering basic choreography and coordination, laying the groundwork for more intricate dance sequences. The benefits are not just confined to dance proficiency; you'll also delve into the richness of Afro-Caribbean grooves, discover the versatility of body movement, and gain a newfound confidence in your salsa expressions. For couples, this experience serves as more than just a dance class—it's a bonding activity that heightens connection and sensuality through the shared joy of dance. Join us on this exciting journey, where the beats of Afro-Caribbean rhythms converge with the thrill of discovering your unique salsa style, promising an experience that transcends dance, celebrating culture, and self-expression in every step.


  1. Enhance + Develop Afro-Caribbean Movement:

    • Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Afro-Caribbean movement, unlocking the essence of salsa dance from its cultural roots.

  2. Evolve Within The Musicality of Salsa:

    • Dive into the infectious rhythms of salsa, learning to navigate and evolve within its musical intricacies.

  3. Developing Your Personal Salsa Style:

    • Cultivate your distinct salsa style, allowing your personality and creativity to shine through each dance move.


Embrace the fundamentals of salsa with a focus on key elements to help beginners gain confidence on the dance floor.

  1. Hip Movements:

    • Learn the art of expressive hip movements, a cornerstone of salsa dance that adds flair and character to your every step.

  2. Posture and Form:

    • Hone your posture and form, ensuring a poised and confident presence during salsa performances.

  3. Footwork + Core Strength:

    • Develop intricate footwork patterns while building core strength, enhancing both stability and agility on the dance floor.

  4. Choreography + Coordination:

    • Master basic salsa choreography and coordination, laying the foundation for more complex dance sequences.


Participating in our beginner salsa experience brings forth a myriad of benefits that extend beyond dance proficiency.

  1. Afro-Caribbean Grooves + Styling:

    • Immerse yourself in the richness of Afro-Caribbean grooves, infusing your salsa with authenticity and captivating styling.

  2. Body Movement Versatility + Confidence:

    • Cultivate versatile body movement, fostering confidence and fluidity in your salsa expressions.

  3. Bond + Increase in Sensuality {Couples}:

    • For couples, our salsa experience serves as a bonding activity, enhancing connection and sensuality through the shared joy of dance.


Ready to spice up your life with sizzling salsa moves? Book your complimentary discovery call now, and let's tailor a personalized salsa journey that suits your style.


"My team of instructors (Annabelle and Tonisha) were a blast to work with! They really care about your goals and focuses on getting you there as quickly and efficiently as possible. Since I'm a person who likes to master what I do, every time I miss a move or make a simple mistake we go over it together until its perfect. I'm so happy I decided to work with her!"

- Rich C.

"I don't consider myself to be a particularly athletic person at all. Before working with The Dancing Designer, I've had little to no dance practice whatsoever. But, through our Dance Therapy lessons, the duo(Lawson and Tonisha) had been able to work with me. In under three months, my flexibility and my range increased from what it was. If you're looking for someone patient to instruct you in the 'ABCs' of movement/dance (for a more than fair price) then I suggest Lawson + Tonisha. They were able to assess your range and tailor each lesson to build on your weaknesses while maintaining your strengths." 
- Amy K.


We commonly get asked a myriad of questions in one form or another. However, we have decided to address all those questions for once and for all. Keep reading and you might find that these questions, may have been your questions.


What do I wear? Ladies should wear heels, and a comfortable outfit, which they feel sexy in. Fellas can wear and footwear they feel agile and comfortable in.


How many classes should I take ? You do not have to sign up for a number of classes from the word go. You can do the 1st class and decide how you want to move forward from there. 


How important is dance experience? You do not need dance experience. We teach Salsa from the basic and fundamentals of body movement. You just need to show up with a great attitude and an open mind.


Do I need a dance partner? Salsa is promoted for couples, but you can absolutely attend by yourself. Dance is a journey, which can be experienced alone or with a partner. My main objective is for all who attend the class to leave with a better understanding + connection to their bodies while getting an exhilarating work out experience.

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