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Embark on a dance exploration beyond boundaries, designed for those seeking a limitless journey into movement and self-expression. Our goal is to guide you to "Train Like a Dancer," unlocking the secrets of strength, coordination, and a profound connection to music. With a focus on conditioning and balance, choreography infused with confidence, comprehensive understanding of body movement, and core development and strengthening, our dance program transcends conventional limits. The benefits are boundless – experience enhanced flexibility and agility, cultivate heightened self-confidence and awareness, and sculpt a strengthened and toned body. Join us on this dance odyssey where the possibilities are endless, and every step is a discovery of newfound freedom and creativity. Step into a world where dance knows no borders, and your journey unfolds without limits

Group Dance


  • Train Like A Dancer

    • Embark on a journey to train and move with the finesse of a dancer.

  • Develop Dancers’ Strength + Coordination

    • Cultivate strength and coordination, building a foundation for graceful and controlled movements.

  • Connect Movement Through Music

    • Establish a profound connection between your movements and the rhythm of music.


  • Conditioning + Balance

    • Focus on conditioning your body and enhancing balance for stability and grace.

  • Choreography + Confidence

    • Master choreography infused with confidence, allowing your movements to radiate assurance.

  • Body Movement Comprehension

    • Understand the nuances of body movement, refining your ability to express through dance.

  • Core Development + Strengthening

    • Prioritize core development and strengthening to support fluid and controlled movements.


  • Enhanced Flexibility + Agility

    • Experience improved flexibility and agility, unlocking a wider range of dynamic movements.

  • Increased Self Confidence + Awareness

    • Witness an increase in self-confidence and self-awareness as you master the art of dance.

  • Strengthened + Toned Body

    • Achieve a strengthened and toned body, sculpted through the physical demands of dance.


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"Lawson and Tonisha are awesome instructors! To begin, they are amazingly talented and absolutely great at what she does. The instructors have great personalities and are always energetic and ready to go. Their choreography is fun and they really know how to “comfortably” push you out of comfort zone and get you doing things you’d never really think were possible for you to do. Definitely recommend Lawson and Tonisha for any dance experience you might be looking for!"- Amy

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