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Professional teams require the same symbiotic connection that dancers do when performing together. Incorporating dance into professional team building translates into confidence, cohesion, and communication in the workplace. Our professional team-building workshops are specifically designed to deliver measurable benefits that will bring your team closer together.

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The Experience​

  • Customized Sessions

    • Each workshop is tailored to your team. We collaborate with you to design a session that aligns with your objectives, timeline, location, and industry.

  • Professional Instruction 

    • Our experienced dance instructors are skilled at creating a supportive and engaging environment where everyone feels comfortable participating in various dance styles - from Hip-Hop to Salsa and more!

  • Interactive Activity

    • We incorporate a variety of dance styles and activities to keep the energy high and the experience enjoyable. From ice-breaker exercises to group choreography, there's something for everyone.

  • Team Building Focus

    • Every activity is designed to promote teamwork, trust, and communication. Participants will leave feeling more connected and motivated.

  • Fun & Enjoyment

    • Most importantly, our workshops are fun! Dance is a joyous activity that brings people together in laughter and shared experience.

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The Dance Advantage

  • Cognitive Function

    • Dancing promotes neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to reorganize itself by making new neural connections which are crucial for learning and adaptation, as researched by the Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience Journal.

  • Mental Health and Well-being

    • A report from the Journal of Positive Psychology shows that those who participated in dance-based activities reported a 15% increase in overall happiness and life satisfaction.

  • Enhances Creativity and Innovation

    • According to the American Journal of Play, engaging in creative exercises like dance can boost problem-solving abilities by 40%, translating into innovative solutions in the workplace.

  • Confidence and Self-esteem

    • Research from the University of London suggests that individuals who participate in dance-like activities are 25% more confident in public speaking and presentations.

  • Team Dynamics and Collaboration

    • The Journal of Applied Communication Research reports improvements in non-verbal communication by 28% for dance participants, leading to better understanding and cooperation amongst team members.

  • Work Efficiency

    • ​Employees who dance regularly are 22% more efficient in completing tasks accurately and on time, according to research from the Human Performance Journal.

  • Physical Health and Productivity

    • ​Regular movement leads to increased stamina and energy levels throughout the day, according to The American Heart Association. 

Discover the Dance Difference

We accommodate groups of all sizes! For a personalized consultation, including package options tailored to your organization's needs and goals, please book a discovery  call.


Tonisha's team was great! They engaged the crowd and encouraged some wallflowers to get on the dance floor. Tatiana's salsa dance lesson was challenging but FUN! Would highly recommend for group lessons and work events.

-Ray H.

Senior Account Executive,  Weiden + Kennedy

You have to trust the process and let go to let in. Trusting the process and embracing change is key to growth. I've thoroughly enjoyed immersing myself in learning various skill sets and applying them to leadership development.

-Darline L.  

Team Leader for Non Profit

My experience working with the Dancing Designer was great. I worked with them for a private event and everyone was fun, energetic, and ready to pivot as the events had many moving parts. The team was easy to work with and really did a great job, I would definitely recommend working with them!

-Rebecca A.

Senior Account Executive, DCI


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