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BODY over MIND: 6 Ways to Ensure Your MIND Doesn’t Take Over In The Studio {or the dance floor}

Updated: Jan 26

My love for dance comes from the fact that it’s a human experience of muscle memory, a journey of trial and error, not to mention discovery. The dance floor becomes a sanctuary of growth, where errors are not detours but stepping stones towards comfort, confidence, and security in oneself. To learn, one must grant themselves permission to fumble, and their muscles the grace to adapt to new patterns of motion.

Remember… Dancing is Natural

Through training in the studio, traveling and learning different dance styles I fell in love with the way body movement serves as a universal language. The primitive and natural part of the human experience we all enjoy across the globe. The way humans use dance to celebrate, gather, and serve as a form of self-expression is evidence that a dancer lives in all of us.

The Psychology of Body Movement

When you’re in the studio {or on the dance floor} exploring your body and its possibilities to push past comfort zones can foster a sense of freedom and vulnerability which leads to a transformation in confidence and self-awareness. To gain the most out of your dance experience it’s important to remember to release the idea of perfectionism.

I had to learn to accept that not every movement needs to be perfect. The realization of one's complete potential within the dance studio takes on a unique form for everyone. My strive for perfectionism when learning new body movements created a mental barrier that stifled my physical creativity. It’s something many dancers struggle with. Ultimately embrace imperfections as part of your learning journey and self-expression can empower you, reminding you of your body’s possibilities while giving yourself grace.


The fitness/workout benefits attributed to the athleticism of dance is beyond emotional and expressive dimension. Comparable to primal activities like walking and running, it engages the body in physical movement, promoting cardiovascular health, flexibility, while engaging your cognitive ability. The primal athletic experience in the studio gives me that strong connection between body and mind simply through movement. This mindfulness leads to improved body awareness, confidence, coordination, and balance that materializes in personal growth outside of the studio.

Growth through Experience and Muscle Memory

The process of learning how to flow through new moves and connecting your body and mind takes little to no cognitive understanding. When we train as dancers we often have to empty our minds, and return to the space of physical expression & understanding. This is an experimental process. Muscle memory plays a significant role in mastering dance movements. Again, I have to remind myself that trial and error while giving myself permission and grace during the learning process are all parts of the learning process. Being open and present in the learning process always creates a sense of comfortability and flow on the floor. At the end of the day, your muscles are transitioning from one move to another, whether it is with a partner, group, or self.

Ageless and Limitless

The beauty of dance is that it's not bound by age, location, or gender. When I train and see the variety of ages in the studio it grounds me again back to that primal state of existence. Witnessing how everyone’s body movement offers an avenue for self-expression, regardless of one's life stage, it’s like the dance floor becomes a realm where the body defies time.

Dance accompanies us through various stages of life, weaving through moments of joy, difficulty, and challenges and ultimately limitless to your vibe and energy. Whether you're grappling with the aftermath of a breakup, embracing the imminent transformation of your body through childbirth, seeking solace within your own skin, or creating a fresh rhythm for a wedding celebration, dance welcomes and belongs to all. It’s the very representation of where you are in your life.

Channeling Frustration while focusing on the Accomplishments

I enjoy training with advanced dancers/classes. It’s the best way to ensure you’ll get the most from the session. Remember you will always leave the dance studio with more than what you walked in with. Focus on your accomplishment; in the studio accept the fluidity of movements you leave with. Acknowledge and channel the movements learned in each lesson. This mindset fosters growth in yourself. Acknowledge and celebrate the progress made in each dance lesson. This positive reinforcement will motivate continued practice and improvement. If feelings of frustration arise, I simply use them as fuel to drive my determination and commitment to improve. Frustration can be a natural part of the learning process and a sign of pushing your boundaries and overall growth.

Let the music guide you. Instead of overthinking your movements, allow the music to lead your body. connect to the rhythm, melody, and emotions conveyed by the music.

This is your guide...

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