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In the day to day of our relationships we can get a bit distracted and misled by the challenges of life, managing our partners needs, managing our careers, children etc. When we dance it takes us to the primitive basics of companionship + intimacy. Below are 5 reasons why you should grab your partner and shake a leg.

  1. TRUST

Partners choreography which includes turns, spins + lifts forces you to trust your partners ability, timing + precision. Both the male lead and female partner have to decide if they will trust each other in order to successfully execute the turn/spin/lift. Exhibiting this type of trust will increases the trust and understanding off of the dance floor as well. After all you are trusting your body with one and other.

2. Intimacy

When my partner and I dance the primal level of intimacy becomes very clear. We connect to each others breathing, heart beat, and eye contact to name a few. A heightened sense of connection and bonding is created and our bodies’ working as a duo through - out the choreography.


As you learn choreography with your partner, you both get to increase your coordination as individuals as well as a team/couple. As you work through your choreography you both learn how to foresee each other’s moves and accomplish the choreography in sync as one coordinated unit.


As you are learning choreography you have to make the decision to be patient with yourself, which then lends you the ability to be patient with your partner. You both go through the physical experience and exercise of learning new moves/choreography and in return you become more tolerant and understanding of your partner your journey as a couple.


In all of my years working with couples, I’ve noticed that once the fellas become better leaders the ladies let their hair down which ignites desire + lust between partners. The combination of coordination, trust, intimacy + patience makes for a great cocktail of passion + sensuality that every relationship can never have too much of.

'' What I’ve learned as a professional dancer and focus on teaching my students is that dance is natural to human beings. Body movement is completely natural and many animals use a form of dance to attract their mates, show their strength, fertility and other biological advances. Although we are disconnected from that through or day to day conditioning I have made it my mission to assist couples + individuals in connecting with the natural dancer within them while enhancing it.''-Tonisha Ramona, Lead Instructor.

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