June 24th 8p - 9:30p

 W 72nd + Amsterdam NY.NY.  

$30/Couple $20/Individuals 

{Call/text/e-mail to book a spot 917.348.6739}

A fun way to learn a new skill while enhancing your core strength, coordination and agility. An activity that can be done solo or with a partner to increase intimacy, we promise that you'll feel confident and grounded in your movements.

Ballroom Dancing Lessons


  • Enhance + Develop Afro-Caribbean Movement

  • Evolve Within The Musicality of Salsa 

  • Developing  Your Personal Salsa Style


  • Hip Movements

  • Posture and Form

  • Footwork + Core Strength

  • Choreography + Coordination


  • Afro - Caribbean Grooves + Styling

  • Body Movement Versatility + Confidence 

  • Bond + Increase in Sensuality  {Couples}

June 24th 8p - 9:30p

W 72nd + Amsterdam NY.NY.  

$30/Couple $20/Individuals 

{Call/text/e-mail to book a spot 917.348.6739}

"My team of instructors(Annabelle and Tonisha) were a blast to work with! They really care about your goals and focuses on getting you there as quickly and efficiently as possible. Since I'm a person who likes to master what I do, every time I miss a move or make a simple mistake we go over it together until its perfect. I'm so happy I decided to work with her!"

- Rich C.

"I don't consider myself to be a particularly athletic person at all. Before working with The Dancing Designer, I've had little to no dance practice whatsoever. But, through our Dance Therapy lessons, the duo(Lawson and Tonisha) had been able to work with me. In under three months, my flexibility and my range increased from what it was. If you're looking for someone patient to instruct you in the 'ABCs' of movement/dance (for a more than fair price) then I suggest Lawson + Tonisha. They were able to assess your range and tailor each lesson to build on your weaknesses while maintaining your strengths." 
- Amy K.


Midtown: 38 + 8th

Uptown: 72nd + Amsterdam


Downtown Newark

Tel: 917-348-6739

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