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Updated: Feb 22

Observing the non verbal dynamic between couples on the dance floor as well as the studio always teaches me something new about sociology & human behavior. When you dance, the partnership between genders is anything but oppositional. It is beautiful and harmonious and when it's well mastered & understood, the dance, the choreography becomes a seamless experience. We will explore how to enhance the dance experience and how to create a deeper connection with your partner.

Dancing is primal & biological therefore we can rely on nature to navigate us on and off the dance floor. I like to share with my students the concept of the flower. The stronger the stem to support the flower, it provides a greater opportunity for the flower to open up and blossom. Think of man/grooms role to be the stem while the woman /bride is the flower. Ladies, step into your feminine, queen, goddess energy while fellas step into their prince charming, masculine, Saturday night fever energy.

When you start you 1st dance rehearsals remember you already have a connection and you can rely on it as a foundation through this process. As you start to learn movement, choreography, turns, dips etc. in the studio, you will get to know and trust your partner on a whole different level. Your bodies will learn to flow together and the connection will bring you to a new level of intimacy.

Just as you rely on your relationships connection you can also rely on your non-verbal communication which already exists within the relationship. Similar to intimacy, your choreography will call for your bodies to move together in tune with the music. My students love learning the subtle non-verbal techniques & moves which allows them to guide & lead each other in a way that leaves them looking like pros on the dance floor, not to mention a lot more relaxed and natural in photos & videos.

Patience is important when learning anything new but especially when learning choreography , musicality, performance skills etc. It helps when couples remember how different they each learn and to support each other through that process. Frustration may occur but giving your partner grace, in turn, will allow you grace as you are both on this journey together. This is when non-verbal communication are very helpful during the rehearsals as well as during your 1st dance performance.

Trust on the dance floor is vital and a necessary component when executing even the most simple lifts and dips. What makes your wedding photos & videos look great is a comfortable connection between the Bride & Groom. Without the trust during lifts/dips it will be evident in your body & even facial expressions. During rehearsals you'll both learn the correct form to hold, support and lean in to each other which will allow your natural connection and personalities to come through during your dips & lifts. This is where your photographer will find the "money shot"


It’s clear that the partnership between men and women on the dance floor is far more than a mere performance. It’s a reflection of life’s beauty. An interplay between opposites and complements.

Dance teaches us patience and how to support each other’s growth. Non-verbal communication deepens our bonds while trust is the foundation on which we build breathtaking moments of lifts and turns.

During your rehearsals in the studio, you learn more than how to dance. You'll learn to embrace differences, communicate with empathy, and trust.

Your Wedding dance lessons will foster stronger relationships and deeper connections to celebrate the harmony gained when you dance as one.

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